Two common autumn skin care crimes- and how to avoid committing them

Many people feel confused about how they need to look after their skin at the best of times, and changing seasons can present even more of a problem.

Looking after the skin when the temperatures take a turn for the worse doesn’t have to feel like a huge chore though, as provided you make the effort to avoid a few common skin care crimes, your skin will look stunning throughout autumn, winter and beyond.

Here are two of the most common mistakes which many people make, and how you can avoid making them yourself…

Poor quality moisturiser

Using a moisturiser which doesn’t nourish skin and protect it from cold climatic conditions could leave it looking dry and (quite literally) weathered very quickly. You can avoid succumbing to this yourself by investing a moisturiser which is designed for your skin type, intensely nourishes but doesn’t leave a greasy residue- such as Dermalogica Moisturisers.

Skipping sun protection

Whilst most people make the effort to protect skin from the sun during the warmer months, the moment the temperatures start to fall, sun protection is often sidelined. The sun’s rays can still damage skin when it’s not shining brightly and warmly though, so invest in a moisturiser, booster or foundation with SPF protection- again, Dermalogica can help you with these too.

Don’t be a skin sinner this autumn- make the effort to protect yours properly.

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