Perfecting and protecting your pout

Research has shown that a plump pout can knock years off your age, and whilst more and more people are opting for pricey and risky cosmetic procedures, this certainly isn’t the only option.

Luscious lips can also make a really positive difference to the overall look of your face, although keeping lips soft, smooth and supple can be a little tricky in certain situations.

Lips can become really dry in very hot and extremely cold climatic conditions, and as the weather is becoming colder with each passing day, if you tend to suffer with dehydrated lips during the autumn and winter seasons, now is the perfect time to prepare to take action.

Perfecting your pout- and keeping it looking lovely throughout the year- largely depends on the products which you use, and whilst lipstick and lipgloss can help to keep lips hydrated to some extent, if you suffer with really dry lips you may need a little something extra.

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex should take pride of place in your handbag this autumn/ winter season, and is a quick and easy way of getting lips back to their best- and keeping them that way.

Designed for daily use, Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex provides hydration all day long, and can even be worn under your usual choice of lip makeup.

Arm yourself with this unbeatable product, and you won’t find yourself having to deal with dryness.

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