Keeping your body beautiful when the temperatures start to fall

Now that temperatures have started to fall, wrapping up warm is the order of the day, and whilst you might spend the majority of your time in thick jumpers, tights and boots, there are still likely to be occasions when you need to bare a little flesh- especially if you enjoy your Saturday nights out on the town.

With the Christmas party season now just a few weeks away, it’s not just weekend clubbers who need to pay a little attention to the state of their skin either, and it’s always best to start to make the effort sooner rather than later, as there’s nothing worse than panicking at the last minute.

Regularly exfoliating skin and moisturising after every bath or shower will go a long way in keeping your skin feeling soft and supple and you don’t need to invest a lot of time and effort to see results.

The Dermalogica Body Therapy range is bursting at the seams with products which will help to keep your skin in tip-top condition throughout the bitterly cold months, and which are suitable for all skin types and all budgets.

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