Flexible foundations are the future

For many women, foundation is an every day make up essential, and a good product can really perk up the skin without the need to use additional cosmetics.

However, as there are so many different types and brands of foundation on the market at the moment, a lot of women experience difficulty in finding a good foundation in amongst the many inferior items.

If like so many, your skin has different needs on different days, you may be the proud owner of many different foundations with different coverage levels. Having to purchase several different foundations can be extremely expensive though, and with so many people keeping a close eye on spending at the moment, this is a lot less than ideal.

Thankfully though, this is no longer your only option, as the new generation of foundations allow you to achieve different levels of coverage through the use of just one product. This flexibility is not only extremely cost effective, but also extremely handy.

One of the most popular and widely used flexible foundations is the oil-free Dermalogica Treatment Foundation, which can effortlessly provide super sheer coverage on those days when skin simply needs a little pick-me-up, and concealing coverage when you need to hide spots or blemishes.

Once you invest in Dermalogica Treatment Foundation, you are free to throw away all of those inferior products and free up space in your beauty cabinet.

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