Enjoying a long weekend away? Don’t forget your skin care products!

Planning a relaxing long weekend away before the mad Christmas rush starts is a fab way of recharging your batteries and keeping your stress levels to a minimum, and even if you’re not venturing much further afield than your home town, your body will certainly thank you for it.

Even though many won’t admit it, having to pack lightly can be an absolute nightmare, and who can guarantee that you won’t wear eight different dresses and eight different pairs of strappy sandals?!

As well as cramming all of your clothes into your small suitcase, you also need to find the space for cosmetics, hair styling products, and all of those other essentials that you just can’t bear to leave the home without.

In these circumstances, sacrifices have to be made- although one thing which you shouldn’t even think about sacrificing is skin care.

Your usual cleanser, toner and moisturiser should be the very least that you pack for your long weekend away, and as Dermalogica skin care products come in handy little travel sizes, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing your stylish shoes for the sake of your skin.

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