Don’t neglect your skin under those warm winter woollies

Now that chilly temperatures are gracing us on a daily basis, many people have already started to pile on the layers in a bid to keep toasty warm.

The days of baring your body in skimpy summer shorts, tiny tops and strappy sandals are now little more than a distant memory, and whilst this is perhaps some relief to those who begrudge waxing, shaving and fake tanning all the time, the temptation to neglect your skin until spring can be all too great.

Whilst the vast majority of people are good at maintaining a good year-round facial skin care regime, during the autumn and winter, when the rest of the body is hidden beneath thick layers, forgetting to care for skin is all too common.

Neglect skin for months on end, and you are highly likely to find yourself faced with dull, dry skin come spring- which is never the best way to see in a new season.

Instead, make sure that you make the effort to cleanse properly, exfoliate regularly and moisturise after every bath or shower.

The Dermalogica Body Therapy range has lots of fab products which will help to keep your skin soft and supple throughout the cold winter climatic conditions.

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