Danielle Lineker reveals the secret to her gorgeously glowing skin

Model mum Danielle Lineker is never snapped looking anything less than stunning, and whilst many may have put her flawless complexion down to expert makeup artists, a bit of airbrushing, good lighting and very pricey products, the good news is that all of these couldn’t be further from the truth.

As the wide of ex-footballer come popular TV personality Gary, Danielle isn’t just snapped when dolled up for top modelling assignments, so she no doubt realises the importance of keeping her skin in tip-top condition.

Danielle has recently been awarded her very own weekly magazine column in a national newspaper, and it is here that she revealed the secret to her perfect complexion- and it’s more affordable and more accessible than you might think…

Danielle divulged to readers that she keeps her skin looking amazing with a little help from Dermalogica- namely the fantastic Daily Microfoliant product.

Like so many others, Danielle has discovered that Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant can help to keep skin glowing day after day, and it seems as though Danielle isn’t the only one in the Lineker household who has realised its benefits.

The beauty revealed:

“A good exfoliator is one of my best tips for glowing skin and my favourite is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Now I have even got my husband Gary using it!”

So, join the Linekers and reap the rewards of this bathroom cabinet must-have.

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