Looking for a little more from your foundation?

When asked to cite their must have makeup item, many women immediately opt for foundation. There’s no doubt that foundation can be a Godsend on those days when your skin just doesn’t want to play fair, and it’s great for giving you a more even looking complexion on the days where blemishes haven’t decided to grace you with their presence.

You only have to take a trip down to your nearest beauty counter to see that there are lots of different foundations on the market at the moment- all promising to offer different benefits. However, foundation can be one of the trickiest items of makeup to purchase, because in addition to finding a foundation which meets the specific needs of your skin, you also need to find a shade which blends in perfectly.

Another problem with a lot of the foundations which are out there today is that they only offer one level of coverage. This is a major bugbear which many women have, as skin often needs different coverage on different days- and nobody wants to have to splash out on lots of different products.

There is a solution though- in the form of Dermalogica Treatment Foundation. Available in a wide range of shades, one of the things which makes this foundation such a popular choice is that it is great for covering breakouts and great for days when you just need a touch of coverage.

As Dermalogica Treatment Foundation has an oil-free formulation, you also don’t need to worry about the product contributing to greasy feeling skin.

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