It’s never too early to start thinking about your autumn skin care regime

Even though many of us are desperately clinging on to the last scraps of summer, in the hope that by some small miracle we might still receive a little more warm weather, most people have already resigned themselves to the fact that autumn is now approaching at an alarming speed.

Whilst the new season means we get to shop for a whole new wardrobe, it does also mean that you need to think about investing in new skin care products, as the individual needs of your skin during the autumn are likely to differ from its needs during the warmer months.

After assessing their skin care, many people find that their moisturiser is the product which needs changing, especially since many opt for lighter formulations for use during warmer weather.

Those who suffer with dry skin especially should make the effort to invest in a moisturiser which can provide skin with complete hydration, as the effects of colder weather can take hold extremely quickly.

Another aspect of autumn skin care which needs addressing is SPF, as just because the sun isn’t visible on dark autumn days doesn’t mean that skin can’t fall victim to the negative effects of the sun’s rays.

When you’re looking for autumn skin care products, Dermalogica should be your first port of call. With such a great choice of moisturisers and products which can protect skin against the low autumn sun, you really won’t need to look elsewhere.

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