How can you cleanse without drying out skin?

Cleansing the skin morning and night is essential, and helps to keep those pesky spots and blemishes away. Failing to thoroughly cleanse the skin on a regular basis can not only have an immediate impact by promoting breakouts, but can also leave the skin looking and feeling less than its best in the long run.

Even though there are thousands of different cleansers on the market nowadays, those with particularly dry or prematurely aging skin often find it difficult to get their mitts on a cleanser which doesn’t dry skin out even further.

One key sign that your cleanser is far too harsh for your skin is if skin feels tight after cleansing. A cleanser certainly shouldn’t make skin feel this way- skin should be left feeling thoroughly refreshed and squeaky clean.

Thankfully though, if you are one of the many who find it hard to find a good cleanser, Dermalogica is on hand to help.

Although Dermalogica boasts numerous brilliant cleansers, their Essential Cleansing Solution is perfect for drier skin. This great product not only gets rid of oil and dirt which accumulate throughout the day, but can also shift makeup without being harsh.

Treat dry skin to gentle yet effective cleansing with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution.

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