Don’t let partying ruin your skin care efforts

We all love to enjoy a big night out on the town every now and again, and there’s no doubt that the prospect of a night of drinks and dancing can give you something to really look forward to during those long days in the office.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a fun night out with friends, you do need to ensure that it doesn’t ruin all of the hard work which you have invested in your skin care regime.

After a long night of dancing, it can be all too tempting to get into bed without removing your makeup and without cleansing and moisturising skin properly. Whilst it’s probably fair to say that most of us are guilty of having done this on the odd occasion, if you start to make a habit of it, it can have very negative effects on the skin.

Spots blemishes, dryness and skin which generally isn’t in a good state are all common after-effects of neglecting your skin care regime, and excess alcohol consumption and too many late nights can also leave skin looking and feeling very dehydrated.

Investing in a cleanser which is quick and easy to use is a must for those occasions when you’re tempting to retire to bed without cleansing skin. Dermalogica boasts a particularly fab range, with cleansers for every skin type.

Let your hair down without adversely affecting skin by investing in simple yet highly effective products.

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