Controlling excess oil can be a year round struggle

The warmer weather is now well on its way out, and many who suffer with excessively oily skin will no doubt hope that cooler climatic conditions will provide them with a little welcome relief from the condition.

Whilst warmer weather can contribute to skin looking oiler, for many, the condition blights them all year round, and autumn will provide little respite.

Constantly having to touch up excess oil via the use of blotting sheets and pressed powder isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, although when used in combination with the right skin care products, they can go a long way in keeping skin look matte throughout the day.

When excess oil production is a problem, you not only need to find a cleanser which will help to keep the situation under control, but also a moisturiser which will hydrate skin without making the problem worse.

Once you have found products to form your basic skin care regime, you can enhance these with a specialised product, such as Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion.

Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion is a fantastic lotion which absorbs excess oil and helps to keep it at bay throughout the day. In addition to keeping skin looking matte, this great product also helps to minimise the risk of breakouts- which makes it a doubly beneficial choice.

You don’t need to spend your days struggling with excess oil when you arm yourself with the best products around.

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