Targeted treatments can help to minimise further blemishes

When it comes to treating spots, it can be all too easy to get a little carried away and apply your chosen product to your entire face in a bid to blitz the blemishes. However, this is generally not the best course of action, and there is a possibility that it could lead to skin looking worse.

As they can have such an impact on your confidence, it’s a dead cert that you will want any blemish which appears to disappear as quickly as possible. Arming yourself with the correct skin care products is obviously one of the first and most important steps which you need to take, although in addition to this you also need to ensure that you know how to use the products properly.

When treating spots and blemishes, it’s often best to opt for a product which allows you to target just the areas which need treating. It may be all well and good choosing a strong product which claims to tackle skin problems quickly- but if you apply it to blemish-free skin, you could find yourself faced with further skin woes in the form of an adverse reaction.

However, through use of a product such as Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster, you can specifically target only areas of skin which need to be targeted. This booster helps to give blemishes the heave-ho by drying them out, and the risk of further breakouts is also reduced.

Don’t risk ruining healthy skin- target only troublesome areas with Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster.

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