Sensitive sun screen solutions

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to find products which don’t irritate it in any way. Finding cosmetics and skin care products which don’t bring your skin out in a rash, blemishes or make it feel dehydrated can feel like an absolute nightmare, although there are many great products on the market at the moment which have been specially tailored for this skin type.

One product which many people with sensitive skin have problems with is sunscreen, and this has led to some neglecting to apply any altogether- and suffering the consequences.

Even when the sun doesn’t appear to be shining particularly brightly, the sun’s rays can still have a really damaging effect- especially on exposed areas such as the face. So, for this reason, sunscreen is essential even on those duller days, and nobody should take the gamble of leaving the house without it- sensitive skin or not.

The Dermalogica Solar Defence System offers some great sunscreens for sensitive skin, which effectively protect against UV rays whilst also keeping the skin in optimum condition.

Both the Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock and Dermalogica Ultra Senstive Faceblock feature chemical free formulations, which offer SPF 30 AND SPF 25 protection respectively. For a healthy hint of colour which doesn’t require sun exposure, opt for the Ultra Sensitive Faceblock.

Even the most sensitive of skin can be shielded from sun damage this summer.

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