Protect your skin whilst still looking hot on the beach

The summer holiday season is in full swing, and airports up and down the country are packed with holidaymakers eager to head to warm sun and beautiful beaches.

If you’re lucky enough to be flying off to a hotter destination this summer, adequate sun protection needs to take pride of place in your suitcase. It’s easy to get carried away when packing your suitcase and opt to pack an extra pair of shoes over sunscreen, whilst promising yourself that you’ll purchase your sunscreen essentials once you get to duty free.

However, just as it’s easy to get carried away with holiday preparations, it’s also easy to get carried away in the airport shops- and you could find that you forget about sunscreen altogether.

However many beautiful bikinis, fancy flip flops and accessories you’ve packed, neglecting sunscreen will leave you looking hot on the beach- but not in the attractive sense!

Stepping into the hot sun without sunscreen for just a short period of time could lead to very painful sunburn- and is it really worth ruining both your holiday and your skin?

Accessorise your bang-on-trend beach ensemble with sun protection from the fab Dermalogica Solar Defence System– and ensure you’re the hottest looking holidaymaker for miles around.

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