Looking for quick and convenient sun protection?

We are all well aware of the many negative effects of sun exposure, although the constant warnings and reports in the media seem to have fallen on deaf ears when it comes to some individuals.

Ensuring that your skin is adequately protected against UV rays is vital whatever the time of year, and it’s even more essential during the summer months and when you fly off on your summer holiday.

Although they realise its importance, many people are guilty of skipping sun protection as they feel that it can be tricky and time consuming to apply. This is certainly not a valid excuse though, and stepping out into the hot summer sun without adequate sunscreen can have painful and long lasting effects.

There are lots of really good sunscreen products on the market nowadays though, which are quick to apply and which won’t make a mess- and Dermalogica boast many of the best products in the business.

When it comes to quick and convenient sun protection, Dermalogica Solar Defence Wipes are perfect for those looking for sunscreen with a moderate SPF. These wipes are ideal for popping in your handbag or beach bag, and unlike bottled sunscreens, you won’t have to worry about them leaking and making a mess.

Don’t look for poor excuses for neglecting your skin in the sun- invest in Dermalogica Solar Defence Wipes.

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