Clearer looking skin CAN be achieved overnight

We can all recall that feeling of dread we’ve experienced when we’ve woken from a peaceful night’s sleep and looked in the mirror- only to be greeted by a spot or blemish which has appeared from nowhere in just a short matter of hours.

Even more irritating than this is when you have an important event, such as a big party or hot date, coming up within the next couple of days.

It’s all too easy to get stressed in these scenarios, although it’s much better to focus your thoughts on how you’re going to combat the blemish, rather than working yourself up into a frenzy.

Although cover up products- such as foundation and concealer- can help you to hide blemishes and restore some skin confidence, the vast majority of products merely conceal blemishes rather than tackle them.

Add to this the fact that many people prefer to keep makeup to a minimum when the weather is warmer, and it’s clear to see that a more suitable product needs to be invested in.

Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel is a fantastic product for those who suffer with blemish prone skin, and who want to zap them quickly.

In addition to helping to clear skin whilst you sleep soundly, Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel also helps to prevent future breakouts- leaving you free to enjoy that important event without feeling super self-conscious.

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