Warm summer weather can make skin feel extra oily

Humid summer weather has a tendency to make even drier skin feel oily, so those whose skin is excessively oily during even the colder months will know just how bad oiliness can get.

Although it may only sound like a minor inconvenience, oily skin can have a major impact on confidence, and keeping it under control when the weather is hot and sticky can feel like an on-going battle.

If skin is excessively oily, it can make the sufferer feel extremely uncomfortable- and any attempts at applying makeup and keeping it in place can prove futile. Luckily though, those with skin on the oily side don’t have to spend the entire summer looking forward to autumn, as there are some simple ways of keeping control of the situation.

During the summer it’s always best to try and keep makeup to a minimum- as it can really contribute to skin looking and feeling less than fresh. Taking a look at your daily skincare products such as your moisturiser and ensuring that they are the best products for your needs is also a good idea.

Those with excessively oily skin could also try investing in Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Block- which not only helps to keep shine at bay but also features an SPF 20 to guard skin against UV rays.

Don’t let oily skin ruin your summer- fight it every step of the way.

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