Packing lightly doesn’t mean skimping on skin care

When heading off on holiday, one common problem that many people face is packing all of those essentials into one suitcase and not going over your baggage allowance. Even packing a couple of extra kilograms of luggage can be really expensive, and when you’re checking your case in you have little choice but to pay up.

In order to keep within the limit, many people would rather pack extra clothing than everyday essentials, and this can lead to some individuals really neglecting their skincare regime whilst they’re on holiday.

Neglecting your skin whilst you’re abroad is a massive mistake though, especially if you’re holidaying in a hot country where your skin will need even more care and attention than usual.

In addition to your usual products- such as cleanser, toner and moisturiser- you also need to pack adequate sun protection for your face and body, and these products can be rather heavy.

Luckily though, as Dermalogica has a great range of travel size products, you don’t have to worry about causing lasting damage to your skin or paying excess baggage charges, so you can completely relax and enjoy a well deserved break.

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