Don’t let your skin burn at your barbeque

One of the best things about summer is getting the barbeque out and serving up some delicious burgers and sausages. As it looks as though the warm weather is here for the time being, this gives us plenty of opportunity to hold plenty of barbeques.

However, whether you’re in charge of the cooking or are simply sitting back and enjoy the delicious food, it can be all too easy to forget about protecting your skin.

When food is the only thing on your mind, applying sunscreen can seem like the least of your priorities, and before you know it your skin is as burnt as the sausages on the barbeque!

As well as being extremely painful and not the most attractive look in the world, sunburn can have long lasting effects on both your health and the future appearance of your skin.

We all know about the risks of skin cancer, and in addition to this, sun exposure can also lead to the appearance of dark areas of pigmentation. Both conditions can take years to appear- which is why it’s best to take precautions now rather than risk ruining your future.

Dermalogica have a great variety of sun protection products– some of which you only need to apply just once and can last for hours.

Make sure that your barbeque food is the only thing getting burnt this summer.

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