Boost your chances of baring beautiful skin this summer

Nobody wants to spend their summer covered up- and this applies to the face as well as the body. You wouldn’t dream are donning your thickest woolly jumper and big bulky shoes when the hot summer sun is shining down- and nor do the majority of people want to spend their summer’s days with skin stifled with makeup.

Those who suffer with regular breakouts sometimes feel like they have little choice though, and spend the scorching summer’s days waiting for skin to clear up.

However, if you’re not using the best products for your skin, the summer could be over before you start to see any signs of improvement. Fear not though, as Dermalogica is on hand to help, and their fantastic Special Clearing Booster can have your skin looking back to its best in no time at all.

Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster helps to dry out blemishes, keep irritated and red skin under control and help to keep further breakouts at arms length- so you could be throwing away that heavy foundation and concealer stick before you know it.

Don’t wish away your summer with dreams of clearer skin- take action now and make those dreams a reality.

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