Let your skin breathe in the summer sun

Layering on heavy foundation, concealer and powder in the hot summer sun is nobody’s idea of fun, and not only is it likely to slide off and feel greasy after a ridiculously short time, it’s also not the best for your skin.

Wearing lots of makeup in hot weather could lead to your pores becoming blocked- which could leave you with less than clear-looking skin. This could turn into a vicious cycle, and worrying about the state of your skin is certainly no way to spend your summer.

During the summer months, it’s always good to try and give your skin a little extra breathing space, and it is likely to look and feel much better for it.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night is essential for keeping your skin in the best condition possible, although there are many other products which you can use to give your skin- and your confidence- a little extra boost.

Give your pores a deep cleanse with a fantastic Dermalogica Masque, or opt for one of their great exfoliants for a smooth, bright complexion.

If you really can’t do without a base, try using a light tinted moisturiser in place of your usual foundation, and give your pores a real chance to breathe.

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