Protect your skin against daily damage

Barrier RepairEven if you are happy with the performance of your current moisturiser, it may not be serving you as well as you actually think it is.

Skin needs to be protected all day long, all year round, and this is even more imperative when you already have sensitive or damaged skin.

There are many things that can have an effect on skin every day- without you even realising it. Environmental factors are one of the biggest causes of skin damage to skin, and if you don’t take steps to protect it now you could end up suffering from lasting damage.

Other key culprits which can affect skin on a day to day basis are the use of unsuitable skin care and beauty products, a stressful lifestyle and a less than balanced diet. These are just of the things that can have an impact on the state of your skin, although thankfully it is relatively easy to combat them.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair has been specially formulated to help protect against these harsh factors, and treats to skin to a much needed dose of TLC.

Barrier Repair creates a ‘shield’, so that skin is given that all important protection against any further trauma.

Shield skin against daily damage and restore suppleness with Dermalogica Barrier Repair.

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