Premature skin aging CAN be prevented

When it comes to the skin showing signs of ageing, many people think that they have to accept the inevitable and admit defeat without even putting a decent amount of thought into how they can stop it.

There are many factors which can make a contribution to skin looking old before its time- including sun exposure, sun bed use, a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully, these factors can be prevented, as long as you’re prepared to put a little effort in.

If you’re a sun worshipper, and the thought of going without a tan absolutely terrifies you, reaching for the self tan is the only and safest solution. Constant sun exposure and sun bed use is your fast-track ticket to dehydrated and weathered looking skin, not too mention seriously increasing your risk of skin cancer. Ask yourself; is any tan really worth that?

Those with busy lifestyles and demanding jobs often find it difficult to eat healthily and ensure that they get regular exercise- although it really does pay to make an effort. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle can result in skin looking much less than its best- so make an effort to make those all important changes now.

In addition to the above factors, the skin care products that you use can also play a major part in the way that your skin looks. Dermalogica have a great choice of products which are specially designed to tackle premature skin ageing, and can really help you in your fight against fine lines.

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