Look after your skin today and you’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow

Many people in their twenties and thirties think that they’re far too young to be thinking about premature skin ageing, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you start to look after your skin now, it will be in far better condition in years to come- plus, prevention is always far more effective than cure.

If you don’t want to find yourself in the botox clinic well before your time, give your skin a little TLC now and save time, effort and money in a few years time!

In order to stand your skin in good stead, it’s vital to follow a proper skin care regime- this means cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and night WITHOUT fail! This will set you on the right track to combating the premature signs of aging.

In addition to your daily skin care regime, it’s also a good idea to exfoliate regularly, in order to shift stubborn dead skin cells which can make your skin look old before its time.

Dermalogica have a simply unbeatable range of skin care products that will help you in your quest to fight off those fine lines- which is why Dermalogica has top celebs all over the world singing it’s praises!

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