Is your cleanser working effectively?

As far as your skin care regime is concerned, the cleanser that you use is one of the most important aspects in ensuring that your skin looks as good as possible. Men and women alike need to make sure that they’re using a good cleanser, as day to day dirt and excess oil can quickly build up. If your cleanser fails to serve you properly, you may find yourself falling victim to regular spots or blemishes- which are unwelcome additions whichever way you choose to look at it!

For women who wear make up, using a cleanser which can get rid of every last trace is even more important. Otherwise, you could find yourself applying even more makeup to cover up any skin imperfections.

If you feel that you’re cleansing properly morning and night, yet are still finding that blemishes are appearing, it could be that your cleanser isn’t working hard enough and you need to start looking for one that offers better results.

In addition to this, if your skin feels tight and dry after cleansing, the cleanser that you’re using may be too harsh for your skin type. Although it’s vital that skin is cleansed properly this doesn’t mean dehydrating it altogether.

Dermalogica have a great line of cleansers, which are tailored to suit different skin types and provide deep and effective cleansing without making any compromises.

Give your cleanser a health check today and give your skin the best start to looking amazing.

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