Banish blemishes overnight

Those who regularly suffer from blemishes and breakouts will understand just how annoying it can be to go to bed with smooth, clear skin, only to rise just a matter of hours later to be greeted by an unwanted visitor.

Spots and blemishes appearing overnight are a common occurrence, and a number of factors can contribute to this. Even if you are blessed with clear skin the majority of time, stress, tiredness and the occasional blocked pore can lead to skin looking a little less than fresh.

This is why it’s important that you use a suitable cleanser at all times- even if you’ve been lucky enough to escape any blemishes for as long as you can remember. Spots and blemishes aren’t particularly fussy as to who they target, and whatever your skin type is you still need to ensure that you keep skin as meticulously clean as possible.

Although you can start to treat any unwelcome additions to your skin from the moment you rise, there are also some great products around that can work their magic whilst you snooze.

One of the best overnight treatments for skin is Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, which is specially formulated to target existing breakouts whilst keeping pores as clear as possible in the process.

Beat blemishes at bedtime and wake up to renewed skin confidence.

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