Dermalogica Precleanse

Dermalogica Precleanse is one of those products that comes along every now and again that is like nothing else you have ever used before, and a product that until you try it you will never know how good it really is.

When Dermalogica developed Precleanse they had concluded through much research that 8 out of 10 of us do not cleanse our skins thoroughly enough therefore leading to further skin problems. Dermalogica discovered that using a combination of specific oil based ingredients to cleanse the skin had a very effective way of lifting and encapsulating the skins natural oil secretions which also collect and hold dirt, grime, bacteria and make-up. They also discovered that when water was added to the product after being applied to the skin this would emulsify the product ensuring that it can be removed effectively without leaving a residue on the skins surface. The next important step after using Precleanse is to follow with your usual Dermalogica cleansing product because this cleanser is now able to work at its very best, ensuring your skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Precleanse is also fantastic to use as your eye make-up remover, especially waterproof mascara.

You only need to use Precleanse once a day at night because this is when your skin will have been exposed to the days elements, and any dirt and grime in the atmosphere will be lying on your skins surface, and also many of you will have been wearing make-up which all needs to be removed properly.

To use Precleanse pour a small amount into one hand then massage between both hands to warm and activate the ingredients. Massage Precleanse over the whole face and neck and over the eyes if wearing eye make-up. Do this for approximately 1 minute then wet your hands and continue to massage over your skin. You will see that the product will start to emulsify by turning to a milky consistency and this indicates its time to remove by rinsing off with water. It is then vital to follow with your usual cleanser.

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