The Importance of Vitamin C

bell peppers vitamin cVitamin C is perhaps the most well-known of all the vitamins and is found in a number of dietary sources, such as oranges and bell peppers (which actually contain more vitamin C per 100g than oranges but seem to get forgotten in favour of their juicy counterparts!). Vitamin C is a real powerhouse, as far as the human body is concerned and not only does it help to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease, but it is also essential to the synthesis of collagen, making it a key ally in the fight against the signs of ageing.

Several of our favourite products contain high levels of vitamin C and we thought we’d share those with you here, so you can add a little antioxidant power to your beauty routine!

Decleor Intense Brightening Mask

We love these masks here at Pure Beauty, and not just because they look a tiny bit comical once you apply them! Vitamin C+, along with extracts of Peony and Tamarisk, are an intense combination which focuses heavily on increasing the skin’s luminosity, while extracts of Saxifrage actually work to prevent any further areas of darkness and pigmented spots from appearing.

Dermalogica Extra Firming Booster

When used around the eyes, vitamin C can help to rebuild and repair the areas of skin which have lost collagen as a result of ageing and can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines. That’s why Dermalogica have put a healthy dose of vitamin C into their Extra Firming Booster, along with protein peptides and seaweed, which will retexture skin and increase firmness and moisture.

Decleor Expert Dark Spot Corrector

Decleor’s White Focus complex contains a formulation of vitamin C, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil and the Melano-Lock System which work together to reduce dark spots and areas of hyperpigmentation, one of the most obvious signs of ageing skin. It has a very fine texture which goes on as a cream but leaves the skin feeling powdery and soft once applied.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

This eye treatment is ultra-rich and targets the eye area with vitamin C and wild yam to repair the skin and promote collagen production. Cucumber, Butcherbroom and Arnica drastically improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. One happy Pure Beauty customer said that this product is “great for wearing at nightime”.

Decleor Extreme Brightening Essence

 Decleor Extreme Brightening Essence comprises of three little pots of super-charged anti-ageing power! The serum is intended for use in 30 day courses and contains vitamin C to intensively brighten the skin. This product will also soothe tight, dry and uncomfortable skin, leaving you feeling and looking happier and more youthful.

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