Autumn Glow – Skincare for the Changing Seasons

autumn skincareAlthough we’re still firmly in the summer months, it won’t be long until the weather starts to feel cooler and we’re making the difficult decision which faces every Brit around this time of year – when is it reasonable to turn the central heating on?!

In terms of skincare, there are various changes that you can make to ensure you get through the winter months without too much damage. The first thing we notice when the autumn draws in is the lack of moisture and tightness to our faces.

Summer can be flattering to the skin and if you’re good, you’ll have been using a decent sunscreen which will have moisturised your face, but as the temperature drops and heating goes on, you’ll need something a little richer. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is an ultra-rich formula which contains Vitamins C and E and Ginkgo Biloba to prevent damage from free radicals and intensively moisturise your skin.

If you want to maintain a healthy glow, even while the weather is rubbish, Decleor Self-Tanning Milk is a gentle lotion which builds a gradual, natural and lasting luminosity. A far cheaper alternative to a winter sun break, this self-tanner will allow you to extend your tan and continue to look radiant.

It’s also very common for people to become dehydrated during the winter months; in summer, we drink plenty of water because of the heat and perspiration but many of us forget to continue our intake when the weather is cooler. Dehydration will impact the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and overall skin radiance, so make sure you stay hydrated throughout autumn and winter.

Another way in which we tend to neglect ourselves during the autumn and winter is exfoliation. The combination of cold weather and central heating can play havoc with the skin, but many of us tend to forget to exfoliate because we’re not really baring the flesh. Using a good scrub, such as Decleor Relax Intense Fruit Seeds Scrub, which contains essential oils of Tonka Bean, Ylang Ylang and Vetiver will soften the skin and remove dead cells.

Many of us find that we sleep more during the longer, darker nights, with the urge to hibernate getting the better of us. Looking after our skin while we sleep is a great way to enhance our beauty routine and a rich night cream such as Decleor Neroli Night Balm is essential. Made of 100% natural ingredients and containing no preservatives, this night balm will purify and balance the skin while you sleep and refine the skins texture whilst locking in moisture.

Finally, avoiding junk food will enhance your chances of maintaining beautiful skin. Many of us graze on snacks during the colder months but replacing crisps and pop with fruit and water could make all the difference to your complexion and immune system.

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