Dermalogica Clean Bar named one of Top Ten Men’s grooming buys by Independent

Dermalogica Clean Bar available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe Independent Online has named Dermalogica’s Clean Bar as one of the ten best men’s grooming products for this summer!

Although it may look suspiciously like a bar of soap, the Clean Bar is actually soap-free and pH-balanced, meaning that while it effectively breaks down and removes surface oils and impurities, it does so without stripping the skin and leaving it dry and irritated.

It can be used as a night-time cleanser to remove the day’s dirt and oil and is gentle enough to be able to use twice as part of a double-cleansing routine. It is also ideal for use before shaving, however, as washing will help to soften the hairs and remove bacteria, oils and impurities which can clog up the razor blade or become trapped inside hair follicles.

With summer upon us, it is important to get into a regular cleansing routine, as we all have an increased tendency to sweat during the warmer months. This can trap dead skin cells, resulting in an accumulation of cells and oils on the skin’s surface. If they are not removed, then spots and blackheads can appear.

The Clean Bar cleanses and exfoliates the skin’s surface, ensuring that pores remain uncongested and your complexion clear, and as the Independent suggests, it is one of the best products you can buy for your skin!

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