Treat your skin to a better foundation

If you reach for the foundation on a daily basis, you need to make sure that you’re using the perfect product.

There are tonnes of foundations out there today which promise to create a flawless looking base which will last all day long. Whilst many of these products can create a base which lasts the duration, you need to make sure that this positive doesn’t come with any negatives.

In the quest for a flawless complexion, skin shouldn’t become dry or look and feel shiny, and you do also need to consider that skin may well have different needs on different days.

For example, one day you may be feeling uber-confident about your skin and just need a little light coverage, yet the next a spot may decide to strike and you may need more coverage. When a spot does strike, the last thing which you’ll want to do is cover your skin in layers of foundation and layers of concealer, so you need a better foundation which offers it all.

To treat your skin to an upgrade on your usual concealer, take a look at the Dermalogica Treatment Foundation. This great Dermalogica foundation offers adjustable coverage, is oil free and helps to protect skin against moisture loss.

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