Your foundation shouldn’t add to shine

Foundation is a daily make up must-have for many women, and when they’re reaching for the foundation, the main aim for every woman is to create a flawless and natural looking base which lasts the duration of the day.

However, one thing which commonly gets in the way of foundation looking fantastic all day long is excessive oil, and with some oil-based foundations, it often doesn’t take long for shine to start showing.

The use of oil-based foundations can also prove problematic for those whose skin already falls into the oily category, and this calls for the use of a more suitable foundation- step forward Dermalogica Treatment Foundation.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation consists of a fantastic oil-free formulation which helps to keep skin looking stunning as opposed to shiny, and this product comes in a great range of shades to suit different skin tones.

In addition to not adding to shine, another fantastic feature of Dermalogica Treatment Foundation is the fact that it can provide different levels of coverage to cater to changing skin requirements.

So, if on one day you need concealing coverage and the next day something a little sheerer, Dermalogica Treatment Foundation can provide it.

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