Take your skin care products on your travels

If you’re about to head off on your travels, whether it’s a two week holiday abroad or a long relaxing weekend in the countryside, you shouldn’t forget to head off on your travels without your skin care products.

When you’re really limited for space in your suitcase, it can be tempting to think that it will be ok to skimp on a few skin care products for a few days. You shouldn’t be tempted to fall into this trap though, as even skipping products for a couple of days could have a negative impact on your skin.

Maintaining a good skin care regime whilst you’re away doesn’t have to mean sacrificing anything else, such as that extra pair of funky flip flops or beach hat though- you simply need to arm yourself with some good travel sized products.

Dermalogica travel sized skin care products are a particularly good investment, as you get to continue to treat your skin with fantastic products without weighing your suitcase down.

Don’t try and make a choice between a fantastic complexion and a fantastic holiday wardrobe- just invest in Dermalogica travel sized products.

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