Exfoliating the body is essential

Many people pay a great deal of attention to the skin on their face (and this is obviously extremely important) yet fail to pay very little or no attention at all to the skin on the body, although this is an extremely speedy route to skin which not only doesn’t look its best, but which doesn’t feel its best. With summer coming up and clothing set to get a little more revealing though, nobody wants to have to hide skin away and spend their summer feeling hot and bothered.

Exfoliating the body when in the bath or shower is essential in keeping it in tip top condition- and it’s essential all year round, not just during the warmer months.

Exfoliation is a must for getting rid of dead skin cells which are so commonly responsible for the skin looking dry and dull, although it’s important to be gentle and use a gentle product so that the skin isn’t left sore.

Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub ticks all of the right boxes as far as exfoliants are concerned, as it gently buffs skin whilst simultaneously removing dead skin cells.

Once you’ve completed your essential exfoliation, your skin will then be ready for essential moisturisation.

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