Keeping skin fresh when you’re out and about

There’s nothing quite like that freshly washed feeling after cleansing skin in the morning, although it can be very difficult to hang onto this feeling throughout the duration of the day.

After stepping out of the front door- whether it’s to head to the office for another lengthy 9-5, or whether it’s to head to the shops for a mammoth shopping trip- before you know it, skin can start to feel a little oily and grubby, and generally just a lot less fresh than it did just a short time before.

Carrying your cleanser around with you and heading to the nearest bathroom facilities to cleanse the skin really isn’t an option for most people though, although you can achieve a feeling which is just as fresh by investing in Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes.

Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes are a quick, convenient yet effective way of refreshing skin, and they can be used throughout the day to remove excess oil, bacteria and dirt and to help to reduce the risk of spots and blemishes appearing.

As the wipes are so handy to use, they can be used just about anywhere and without the need for a trip to the nearest bathroom- which makes them particularly handy for those who are out and about.

Keep skin fresh, wherever you may be, with Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes.

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