Get prepared for your early getaway

Many of those lucky enough to be jetting off abroad at all this year still have at least a couple of months to wait, although if you’re even luckier and have a holiday coming up in the next few weeks, you’ll hopefully already be thinking about how you can protect your skin against blisteringly hot sun.

Spring is sometimes an odd time of year when it comes to sun protection, and when you’re looking on the High Street for products which can properly protect your skin you, it can be very hit and miss.

By shopping online rather than on your local High Street though, you can take full advantage of all of the available sun protection products out there- such as the brilliant products from Dermalogica.

The products within the Dermalogica Solar Defence System range can help to keep you protected throughout the duration of your early getaway, and there is protection available to protect not only the face but also the entire body.

Don’t let sunburnt skin put a dampener on your getaway- simply arm yourself with the Solar Defence System and make all of your friends and colleagues back in Britain extremely envious!

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