Send your skin to therapy

It’s fair to say that most of us enjoy a good soak in the bath, not only to give skin a good cleanse but also to relax, and it’s also gives you the opportunity to give skin a healthy helping of TLC.

The shops are full of bath and body products which smell good enough to eat, although the only thing with some of these products is that they can be really drying on the skin.

When you regularly enjoy taking long soaks in the bath with these kinds of products, it can be common for skin to be left feeling dry and parched, and for this reason you need to invest in and use products which won’t adversely affect the state of your skin.

The Dermalogica Body Therapy range is packed full of products which can make bath time even more fruitful, and which won’t leave you with skin which feels dry and tight once you’ve towelled yourself off.

The range includes cleansers, exfoliants and moisturisers to suit a range of different skin types from very dry to very sensitive, so why not treat your skin a good therapy session and see the superb results?

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