Make the right daily moisturiser choice

Failing to moisturise morning and night is definitely one of the worst skin sins which you can commit, although coming in at a close second is moisturising with an unsuitable product. Unfortunately, as moisturisers are in abundance nowadays, falling victim to the second sin can be all too easy. On the plus side though, just by bearing a few things in mind you can make the right moisturiser choice.

Your daily moisturiser should provide your skin with the hydration it needs without you having to suffer any unwanted side effects- such as excessive oiliness, blocked pores or the appearance of spots.

Your moisturiser should also provide you with a good base on which to apply cosmetics if necessary- as carefully applying makeup in the morning only to see that your efforts have gone to waste by midday can be extremely annoying.

When it comes to your moisturiser, you should invest in a product from a brand which you trust- and for many this trusted brand is Dermalogica.

Dermalogica Moisturisers are extremely effective and do just what they say on the tin, and as there is such a huge range of products there’s something for every skin type.

So, make the right daily moisturiser choice by choosing Dermalogica.

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