Getting skin ready for the summer months

It only seems like yesterday that we were all getting up 15 minutes early in order to wrap ourselves up in lots of extra layers and to scrape snow and ice off the car, although thankfully spring has finally started and the thought of a little sunshine and warmer temperatures makes it that bit easier to get up in the morning.

After such a bad winter though, you’re not alone if you’ve found yourself completely unprepared for spring- especially when it comes to your skin.

When sub zero temperatures strike and when snow and ice is lining the street, the last thing that anyone is going to do is step outside without lots of layers on, and with skin hidden under so many layers for so many months, it’s easy for it to become dull, dry and a little neglected.

If your skin is in need of a little TLC, and the thought of having to hide away all summer in thick jeans and long tops is filling you with dread- fear not- as by taking action now your skin will be more than ready to face the summer sun.

The products in the Dermalogica Body Therapy range are fab for getting skin back to it’s best, so why not arm yourself today to prepare yourself for a battle you’re sure to win?!

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