How can you keep skin as clean as possible throughout the day?

Dirt and surface oils can really build up on the skin throughout the day, and in addition to making it look and feel a lot less than its best, it can also contribute to the appearance of spots and blemishes.

This is why it’s so important to try and keep skin as clean as possible all day long, although this is understandably easier said than done.

Whatever type of environment you work in on a daily basis, dirt, oil and bacteria can build up with alarming speed, and even if you work in a comfy and clean office, touching your face throughout the day, and air conditioning and heating systems can have a really negative impact on skin.

Wearing heavy make up for hours can also play its part in promoting less than fresh skin, so it’s always a good idea to wear the bare minimum throughout the working week.

Whilst oil blotting sheets can help you to gently blot away excess oil, when you’re looking for a way to keep skin squeaky clean throughout the day, you can’t go far wrong with Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes.

Use Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes to quickly and easily refresh skin throughout the day to remove daily dirt, oil and bacteria and keep pores are clear as possible.

A fantastic combination of ingredients including Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Balm Mint, Coneflower and Camphor also help to minimise the chances of future breakouts.

As Dermalogica Skin Purifying Wipes come in a handy little pack, so you can store them discreetly in your desk or handbag, and no one need know your little secret.

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