Think sun protection is just for the summer? Think again!

Autumn has now firmly graced us with its presence, and with the change in seasons come various lifestyle changes. You’ve probably already started to think about your autumn/ winter wardrobe, and if this year if anything like last, you’ll need your warmest woollies.

Once the summer has made an exit, many people also make changes to their skin care regime. Many start to look for a more intense moisturiser in a bid to keep skin hydrated and protected against chilly temperatures and harsh winds, although in doing this, many confine sun protection products to the back of the beauty cabinet.

Even though the days may be duller, this doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays. Exposing skin to the sun without adequate protection is a quick and easy route to premature skin aging though- not to mention potential health implications.

This is why you need to ensure that even as the temperatures fall and the days get shorter, you’re still using a product with an SPF on a daily basis.

Dermalogica has a great range of boosters and moisturisers with SPF protection, which will keep your skin protected whatever the weather.

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