Create the perfect base and keep make up firmly on your face

If you still haven’t mastered the art of creating the perfect base for your makeup, and find that your foundation starts to make a bid for freedom by lunchtime, there are a number of things which you could be doing wrong.

One of the first things which you need to take a long hard look at is your skin care regime, as using unsuitable products can have a major impact on the condition of your skin throughout the day.

As there are so many great skin care products available nowadays, finding products which are perfect for your skin shouldn’t be a particularly difficult task, although you do need to invest a little time and effort.

One area of your skin care regime which could be having a significant impact on your base is the moisturiser which you’re using. Many people mistakenly believe that they need to use an extremely rich moisturiser in order to provide skin with the hydration it needs, although this isn’t necessarily the case, especially if you don’t have dry skin.

Using a rich moisturiser which leaves a greasy residue on your skin is certainly not the best way of creating a good base, although using a lighter product can help.

Dermalogica Active Moist is great for use under makeup, and its feather light oil-free formulation will keep skin hydrated without turning it into something of an oil slick.

Dermalogica Active Moist really can make your makeup go much further.

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