Relax whilst refreshing skin with Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing night in front of the television after a long day in the office, and a facial masque is the perfect way to enhance that big box of chocolates and drama box set.

Facial masques have been used as a form of relaxation for many years now, and the fab masque’s available today really can work wonders when it comes to offering skin benefits.

Those with troublesome skin often shy away from using masque’s, as many believe that they may irritate the skin and make its’ condition worse. Whilst this may be true for cheaper masques, it certainly not the case when it comes to Dermalogica products- which have been specially formulated to tackle a range of different skin types.

Those whose skin is susceptible to regular breakouts can really benefit from the use of the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque, as it makes a fantastic addition to the skin care regime.

This masque provides an extremely deep clean, and tackles a range of skin nasties which can contribute to breakouts- including excess surface oil. Cooling and soothing properties help to make skin feel in its most refreshed state ever.

Treating blemish prone skin has never been so relaxing…

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