Conceal spots without contributing to a caked on look is simple

Unfortunately, you never know when you’re going to be graced with the presence of an annoying spot or blemish, so it’s always a wise idea to be prepared and have a good concealer to hand.

Going to bed with clear skin and waking up to an unwelcome blemish can put a real dampener on your day, although it really doesn’t have to as there are some fab products on the market at the moment which can conceal spots really effectively.

However, during the summer months the majority of women want to keep makeup to a minimum- as when the temperatures start to soar it can feel really oily and uncomfortable. Makeup which looks caked on and uneven is not the desired look for anyone- particularly when you’re trying to draw attention away from a blemish.

Luckily though, Dermalogica is on hand to help, and their Concealing Spot Treatment is a great way of keeping blemishes hidden all day long.

Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment not only covers blemishes, but also helps to dry them out and minimise the risk of further breakouts- all in a way which doesn’t look or feel heavy on the skin.

Don’t let a little blemish or two ruin your summer- reach for the Concealing Spot Treatment.

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