Why you don’t need a celebrity bank balance for A-list skin

Opening a glossy mag and being confronted with image upon image of flawless celebrity skin can dent the confidence of even the most self-assured individuals, and knowing that they’ve achieved this look thanks to their bulging bank balances can be further disheartening. However, this isn’t strictly the truth…

A quick look on the Internet, and you will find plenty of top celebs who have chosen to reveal one of their best kept beauty secrets- Dermalogica.

It’s no surprise that these A-listers have realised that they don’t have to spend millions of pounds on stupidly expensive products, as the benefits that Dermalogica products deliver speak volumes.

Whether you’re looking for a moisturiser, cleanser, exfoliant or intensive skin repair treatment, Dermalogica have an unbeatable range of products that are specially tailored for all skins types. These products will have your skin looking glowing and much healthier in no time at all- and all at purse-friendly prices for us mere mortals!

So, if you thought that sensational skin was way out of your reach without the use of some heavy-handed airbrushing, you couldn’t have been more wrong!

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