Camouflage your blemishes for flawless looking skin

Even those of us with generally trouble free skin suffer from the occasional unwanted spot or blemish.

There are many reasons why blemishes appear- with blocked pores being the most common factor. However, stress, tiredness and illness can also contribute and our skin can often look a little worse for wear when we are run down.

Preventative measures are always the best way of keeping these unwanted visitors at bay, although in some cases this is not always possible. Drinking plenty of water and ensuring that your skin care regime is up to scratch are both good places to start, and play a huge part in keeping your skin as clear as possible.

However, if you do find yourself with a blemish there’s no need to panic, as you can cover it up effectively just by following a few simple steps, and no one will know that your skin is anything less than perfect!

Before applying any make-up, you need to ensure that the skin is sufficiently moisturised. Failure to moisturise the blemished area may lead to make-up looking dry and flaky- which could draw even more attention to it.

After moisturising, apply an effective concealer- Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is a great choice as not only does it conceal the blemish, it also helps to prevent it from spreading and leading to further breakouts.

Once you’ve applied the treatment, you can finish with a dusting of your favourite powder for the perfect photo finish.

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