Dermalogica Samples

Over the last few weeks many of the Dermalogica Samples we offer have been in and out of stock. The situation has not been too bad recently but we are afraid that the situation over the next few weeks will become much worse.

We placed an order with Dermalogica UK Limited on 25th March and discovered that many more samples were now out of stock and therefore unavailable to us. We were so concerned about the situation that we contacted the Operations Manager of Dermalogica UK Limited and he very kindly explained that ‘All out of stock samples have now been dispatched from our production in the USA, however the current shortage of container space on the shipping lines means our containers have been delayed twice. We currently expect to receive these mid April.’

We are afraid that this will mean over the coming week that we will be unable to supply samples with our orders.

We would like to apologies to all of our customers in advance for this inconvenience. We expect normal stock levels to return mid April when at which point we will gladly send samples to you. These will need to be requested when we have the samples in stock.

Please note that any samples that you have ordered through our system will be included in your order. If we have stock of the samples they will be available to order. If we do not have stock they will be unavailable to order.

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