Dermalogica Stock Availabilty

We are afraid that due to the recent and continuing adverse weather conditions that have affected the UK that Dermalogica UK have been unable to received their shipment of stock as soon as they would have liked. This has resulted in many lines being Out of Stock for a while now. We are afraid that we do not have any further news as to when we can expect stock levels to return to normal. We will of course update this blog as soon as we have further information.

There are a number of Dermalogica Products and Dermalogica Samples which are currently unavailable, but we have only listed the products below.

We would like to apologies to our customers for this unfortunate and unavoidable situation and to thank them for their understanding in this matter.

Please note that these stock issues do not affect any orders placed. We always ensure that our items are out of stock and therefore unable to buy if we cannot supply them directly to you.

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