Dermalogica Samples from Pure Beauty Online

We have always been at the forefront of Customer Service and innovation when selling Dermalogica products on the Internet, and as part of that we were the first to allow our customers to choose their own Dermalogica Samples and the first to list them alongside the normal sized retail products.

We prefer our customers to choose the Dermalogica Samples that they would like to try and we have always sent at least 5 samples with each of our orders. We improved the system for adding samples to your order some while ago to allow customers to order samples based on the amount that has been spent on products. We have now further refined the process by including an overview of the allocation of samples you are entitled to order based on the current value of your basket. You will be able to see this at any time simply by clicking on the View Basket links on our site. The allocations are clearly explained along with an overview of how much is required to be spent to be able to receive a larger allocation.

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